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This package is aimed at individuals and corporate bodies who do not want to maintain a website but desire to have an email account for official or business purposes.

We have Email Account packages ranging from a single account to bulk packets of 5, 10 and 20 email accounts. Below is the rate for the various packages.

The Email account has the following features:
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Email Account Set-up
Check For A Domain Name
Quantity Storage Capacity Fee
(1-2 yrs)
(3-5 yrs)
1 20MB N10,000/yr N9,000/yr
5 200MB N30,000/yr N20,000/yr
10 500MB N50,000/yr N40,000/yr
20 1GB N60,000/yr N50,000/yr
The email account is web based and therefore can be accessed from anywhere there is internet connection.
The account is compatible with the major languages in the world.
The account allows for email forwarding to other email addresses.
The account allows for auto response to emails.
The account outlook can be customised to suit user's need.
The account allows the user to specify his preferred time zone.
The account is easily navigable with clear text and graphic links.
Email Account Set-up Rate
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