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At Browne Antler, we create funtional online forums to meet the requirement of our client. We take cognisance of the fact that one of the main reasons people decide to create a forum is to make profit or a return by doing something they enjoy and have an interest in. This is quite common and a lot of people actual do make a living from doing so but it does involve a lot of time and dedication.

Building a forum is just as hard as designing a web site, if not harder, as there is no real content to get visitors attracted to a forum. What is needed is a great design and active members to have a forum in which you can receive an income and maybe even live off selling advertising and getting members to pay to signup.

In the light of the above, we bring our expertise to bear from the inception of the forum through to its full implementation. We assist our clients in:

1. Choosing a Theme for the forum.

2. Deciding the forum domain name.

3. Attracting members to the forum.

4. Making money from the forum.

Highlights of forum design services include but are not limited to:
Forum & category setup
Easy database backup and restore
Disallowed usernames
User authorisation
Word censoring
Complete member management
Optional account verification
Mass emailing of groups and users by the administrator
Unlimited members
Personal profile creation
Post counting and administrator-definable ranks for users
Powerful search facility
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